Money rules society


Recently I saw a picture in a newspaper article titled something like the picture above with additionl text  like “Stocks plunge and 11 commit suicide” about when Wall Street suffered a crash years ago. It made me ask myself “How much power does money really have over people?”. After sometime I concluded that it must be a lot.

What I mean is the fact that lots of people around the globe are living a life as if every second could be their last due to poverty (mostly in Africa and some places in the US and a few places in Europe and Asia),  while some other people are living a greedy life filled with luxury because they have loads of money.

Another reason is the fact that it doesn’t only affect people as individuals, but also communities and societies, in the way that countries can also be classed an MEDCs, LEDCs and NICs.

But exactly how and why does money affect people and their lives the way it does? Well, that is pretty much a damn good question, and I suppose that to find the answer, one should consider many different factors. For example trade between different countries,  different social classes based on things like how fortunate and hardworking people are and have been.


So how exactly do things like stocks affect economy? I mean, how on Earth do graphs and numbers, like the ones on the picture above, even affect the Economy? Could it be because those who put their money into it either lose or gain money? Could magnets or any other kind of Alien magic somehow be involved perhaps? Noone really knows for sure, except for those magical powers who are in control of it.

But who controls all of it, you may ask? The central bank perhaps, or Aliens, or the Illuminati, or whatever you might think of. Or maybe all this is controlled by a higher power which cannot be registed by human senses or technology.


Social media – A social advantage and an asocial disadvantage

Facebook-Logo-ChangeThese days most people who have access to the internet either currently have or have had a profile on a type of website referred to as social media e.g.  Facebook, Twitter etc. This has its advantages and disdavantages.

The good thing is the fact that it’s a way to keep up with old and new friends and family members. The bad thing is the fact that your identity will be available to everyone, no matter what your privacy settings is. Also, because of the fact that people can use this information to create a fake account. (A fake account is an account on sites like Facebook that uses information belonging to another person (with or) without permission.)

Why is that bad you might ask? Well, because if someone creates a fake account, you can very rarely, and more like never, be sure of who the person really is or what they might do with the Info or even how many people who have access to the information, or whatever. Also, whenever you upload something to i.e Facebook or youtube, the data the data is being kept in a database(not necersarily a database that belongs to facebook or youtube)

Of course, everything one does on the internet will be logged anyway, except if one Uses special programs or methods to avoid it. That’s why one does not simply use the internet anonoumysly.


Technology – Taking things for granted


Today technology has advanced quite a lot, and maybe a little too much. Some things have become a necessity to use in current times, things that seemed a luxury to people before e.g. a car. Now it seems that almost everyone has a car, or has one to access at least.

Now is it really that bad you might ask? Yes. Yes it is, because if a thing or a piece of technology becomes something everyone can buy, use and throw out as they want, then the apparition with that thing or piece of technology will be lower. I know that some things simply make life easier or better, like the internet, but it could also be the cause of many problems to some people.

Since I mentioned the internet, I might as well discuss that first. The internet is great. Without it we would be spending hours pouring over encyclopedias for that one sentence we need for a random question that’s popped into mind. It’s a great way to waste time. You can watch movies, listen to music, read books, chat, play games- the sky’s the limit! If you’re lucky, you might even find love. So what could possible be wrong with such a useful contraption?

If you’ve ever read newspapers such as the Daily Mail (British) or the Independent (British) then you would be fully aware of all the cyber-bullying that goes on, associated with sites such as Facebook, FormSpring and Ask.fm. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience it, you know it’s not a pleasant experience in the slightest. Sometimes it can even lead to suicide.

Moreover, there’s something called being “catfished”. When you’re online, you don’t necessarily know who you’re speaking to exactly. You may think it’s a hot Harry Styles look-alike when in reality it’s a 60-year-old man. Gross. A lot of people have been catfished. There’s a show about it that’s been adapted from a movie based on a real life encounter.

To add more onto the issue of the internet, you have fraud. Fraud doesn’t just happen on the internet, it can happen anywhere but due to increased internet usage for stuff like shopping and banking it’s become more frequent. Hell, people are even doing it on virtual games such as RuneScape or World of Warcraft.

So that’s one form of technology. Due to other advances in technology, people have become lazier over the years. I mean, come one! Do you really need an electric toothbrush? Are you too lazy to move your wrist for two minutes? I believe technology is one of the causes of the growing number of people that are classified as obese.

So is it really that bad? Both yes and no, because technology has made people’s lives easier, but has also given a more unhealthy lifestyle.


Illuminati – Mind control or just imagination?

Nibiru-IlluminatiMost people have heard about the Illuminati, a.k.a “The New World Order”. It’s an organisation that is supposedly trying to control the world. They apparently control every aspect of the world-from religion to culture to finance to government. But are they real or is it just hysteria, paranoia or simply people’s imagination? Who knows for sure?

The Illuminati is supposedly made up of the world’s politically and financially elite. The guest list is kept a secret but people have made speculations about who’s involved. This speculations go as follows:

Their main goal is to create a one-world authoritarian government knows as the “New World Order”. Many believe that the “New World Order” will be there to help raise the Antichrist. In normal, simple English: They’re satanists, or Aliens who are secretly trying to take control of the Earth. That is, of course, if you want to believe conspiracy theories.

If you want to believe some “historical facts” (which probably could be lies), then the Illuminati was created as a secret order for scholars a few centuries ago, whose intention was to enlighten (Where the name supposedly comes from) the world and to make society more secular.

But could it be true that they exist and want control over the Earth? Possibly. Because when you look closely at the one dollar bill like this, you’ll be able to see the classical pyramid, with the all seeing eye on top, which usually is linked to the Illuminati. This could also linked to the entire “Big brother” culture we hear so much about in the media.

Another example is the fact that whoever killed John F. Kennedy never got caught. Not only that. There are also things that look similar to the murder of Abraham Lincoln. Could it be a coincidence? I don’t think so.

One thing is sure: Nothing in this world can’t just be a coincidence. There will always be some kind of a link between something and another, no matter how unrelated they may seem to be to each other


Why Justin Bieber is a hoax

It’s so clear that the famous popsinger Justin Bieber is a hoax. I mean,  just look at how he hypnotises young girls and tricks them into worshiping him as a God, such blasphemy! I won’t bother explaining who Justin Bieber is, since most people  know who he is, but his sudden fame sure does seem suspicious….

Now let me explain why this Justin Bieber thing is so suspicious:

  1. He became famous all of a sudden.
  2. He has lots of young fans, who all see him as their “Boyfriend”.
  3. To further that point, all of his fans want to do lots of things for him (Like, when it was rumored that Justin smoked “weed” ,lots of his fans supposedly cut them selves to make him stop).
  4. His songs don’t have any real meaning, yet he sells lots of CDs worldwide.
  5. He claims to care about other people and the rest of the world, and yet he acts selfish (Reference to his tweet about teen pregnancy and “where the world would be without him” because he was a product of teen pregnancy.)
  6. He also tweeted that he’s retiring from making “music”, while an hour later tweeting that the media spread lies about him.

Blah, blah, blah. To me, it still doesn’t sound like Justin Bieber is what he claims to be. Then who or what could he be? Nobody really knows for sure. Like, is he an alien, some sort of a government propaganda or something else? As I said, nobody really knows.

One thing is for sure though: If Justin Bieber is an alien or  governmental program, his mission would be to make people’s minds weaker, especially young teenage girls’ minds, and I certainly hope he seriously retires from making “music”, because his “music” isn’t the best that has been made.

What a sick, waste of a human being this Bieber thing is.


Review: II Superwoman II

I usually don’t find YouTube comedians funny, or just comedians in general. However, I absolutely love IISuperWoman II.

II SuperWoman II, also called Lily Singh, is not your typical Punjabi girl living in Canada. She’s a bit of a tomboy with brilliant charisma on camera and a mature head on her shoulders.

Her videos are of the comedy genre, however she does throw in a few serious ones, if necessary. She brings out typical South-Asian stereotypes and turns them into creative comedy sketches.  Here’s an example:

I love her videos because they’re so true! I’m South-Asian and my life is full of all the things she talks about in her videos. It’s so funny to see it all play out in front of you. I love the little bits of Punjabi she adds. It just put comedy on a whole new level! She’s clearly a talented comedian and actress. The editing on her videos is brilliant, not too extravagant so it suits her style. Her ideas are original- I haven’t seen any other YouTuber like her.

I would rate her a 4/5!


What if? – Human curiosity

Human curiosity knows no limits and humans have always wondered about stuff. It’s because of this curiosity that mankind has been led to a lot of discoveries and inventions. I have, therefore, been sitting here and thinking about some “What if?s” that would be fun and maybe also weird to find an answer to. Now I will list some of the things I’ve been wondering about:

  • What would happen if one day the internet broke down globally? Just for that one day.
  • What if God was real? How would he actually be like?
  • What would happen if Hitler had won World War 2?
  • What if he never started the war?
  • How would we, as human race,  be if the Neanderthals survived rather than Homo Sapiens?
  • What if humankind was too curious for its own good?

The list may go on but this is just an example of what I have come up with. Of course, there are limits to how much we should know and sometimes there are even limits to what we do want to know. Does this mean we should be oppressed by this or try limiting our curiosity? No, not at all!  But, maybe we should consider if it would really benefit us from knowing the truth.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad to be curious but it can be dangerous if we don’t know the consequences are or what lengths we must go to in order to find out.